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Hey there, I'm Nadège (she + they pronouns please!) I am a sex scholar, bestselling author, and speaker who can teach you how to feel healthier and empowered in your sexuality.

Ever since childhood, I've been unapologetically curious about sex. When a friend was navigating heartbreak or a sex crisis, I became the go-to person they'd call. I would grow up to be called a slut by some and a trailblazer by others. Personally, I like both those titles.

Overtime I realized, I have a gift when it comes to sex education, and I love to share this gift with the world. 

Though in order to tell you about the person I am today, it's important to bring you back to the point in my life that changed everything.

"...but the truth was, I didn't enjoy sex.

Orgasming was hard for me."

In 2012 I arrived at UC Berkeley to study literature, but that quickly turned sour. My dream was to write fiction but my reality was reading the same male authors I studied in community college. 

Then I had a gut reaction. What if I studied sexology instead? From an early age, I had been fascinated by sex. This blossomed into a life filled with lovers, but the truth was, I hardly enjoyed myself. Orgasming was hard for me and I was desperate to feel loved. Far from pleasurable, sex was transactional. When I discovered that my school allowed me to research sexuality - topic that intrigued and eluded me - I changed my academic field not realizing that I was about to change my life.

For the next decade I became a sex sponge. I interned with my school’s Gender Equity Resource Center. I worked with shamans to learning about holistic sexual healing. I researched history, porn, religion, and queerness to open my mind to various perspectives. I even trained to be a Dominatrix when the opportunity presented itself!

Now, I use my knowledge to teach you how to heal yourself.

There is so much misinformation about sex, it’s a wonder any of us are brave enough to cum together.

I started my journey because I wanted to trust and enjoy pleasure. And after all this time, I'm still fascinated by sex. 

When I feel healthy in my sexuality, I experience more fulfilling loves and higher life satisfaction. My relationship status does not define me, I'm more creative, and I feel empowered by the world that surrounds me.

The foundation for everything I do is shaped by the science and theology I learned at Berkeley - with a little astrology and spirituality mixed in there, too! 

My goal is to help you to make informed decisions about sex, wellness, and your sexuality. Welcome to Pleasure Science, I hope you gain information that empowers you. 

Let's make sexual liberation the norm in a society that profits off of shame!

Heal with Me!

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