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Sex Mastery Course

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Sex Mastery will teach you to:

  • Master the ways you flirt, communicate, and sexually socialize
  • Feel secure in your boundaries
  • Learn sexual skills & techniques
  • Enhance mind-body connection
  • Heal shame and insecurity
  • Create sustainable systems for sexual liberation

Go from sexually blocked, embarrassed, insecure, and indecisive to confident, intuitive, knowledgable, and sexually secure in a matter of months.

This course includes exclusive, reoccurring group sessions with Nadège and other experts.

Spots are limited and enrollment will close once we hit capacity.

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*This course is non-refundable, when you purchase this course you own it for life - and all updates we make to it*

What People Are Saying:

Nadège's work is massively transformational. She helped me heal inner child wounding around shame, judgement, and deservingness, unlocking a playful, confident, flirtatious side of myself that I couldn’t access previously. Now, this side of myself runs the show in moments of intimacy and vulnerability.

Sarah (she/her)

I had not experienced such an intelligent, eloquent wisdom-based understanding of this until Nadege. It inspired me to do some deeper work at a time when I really needed to make sense of a lot of things that didn’t make sense. With compassion and humor and knowledge her work guided me through a powerful transition, rites of passage and returned to a deeper sense of self.

Wendy (she/her)

I deepened my vulnerability and stopped looking for reciprocation in my relationships. I understand how to share my love, build my sexual flow, and accept myself unapologetically.

Ash (he/they)

I want to thank you for the kindness, education, and guidance that is both encouraging and relatable. Your program did wonders for me and I recommend anyone who needs support in their love and intimate life both with their partner and themselves works with you!

Daniel (he/him)